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    Dimensione RE&F

    Hard Facility Management

    Dimensione RE&F

    Dimensione RE&F S.r.l. is a Gruppo Dimensione company that provides Hard Facility Management services.

    Customers can entrust the management of these services to a specialised partner and concentrate their own resources on their core business, with the undoubted advantages of optimising management in terms of costs and performance.

    RE&F’s philosophy is customer-oriented and has their satisfaction as its primary objective. It achieves this with its professional operation and constant quality, combined with the tailoring of the services provided according to customer needs.

    The company offers ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services for technological systems and building maintenance.

    Cosa facciamo

    Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

    Electrical systems

    Special electrical systems (voice, data, building automation)


    Firefighting systems (sprinklers, hose reels, hoses and fire networks)

    Building maintenance (renovations, requalifications and adaptations)