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    For over 35 years...

    Hospital installations



    Through the Osp.Ital. Division, the Group designs and manufactures highly specialised hospital wards both in Italy and abroad with particular reference to prefabricated solutions for the preparation of operating rooms, diagnostic imaging departments, complete with medical equipment.

    Over the years, working with international partners has allowed the Group to consolidate its experience in the hospital sector by integrating cutting-edge technologies with special installations and modular construction systems.

    Design capacity has always played a primary role, laying the foundations for complete success in hospital construction sites, where the group manages to meet the precise technical/operational requirements of individual customers.

    Collaboration with large international groups reached its peak with the partnership with SIEMENS for which Dimensione has become one of the official installers of large diagnostic machines: CT, Magnetic Resonances, PET CT and Digital Angiographs installed in hybrid operating rooms.

    (The most important projects carried out by Osp.Ital. include the centres created for the multinational Alliance Medical in the Italian offices of Lissone (MI), Terontola (AR) and Bregnano (CO), the creation of the first hybrid operating room with laminar airflow, radiant walls and robot-mounted angiographs and the design and construction of the first “zero-ray” interventional electrophysiology in Italy.

    The great innovation of this last project consists in the drastic reduction of radiological exposure both for the patients and for the operators present in the room. To date, in the world, there are only a dozen similar operating rooms for cardiology surgery: 1 in Italy created by Osp.Ital. and another 9 in Europe and the American continent).

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    In Gruppo Dimensione, every human resource is committed to their work with passion and professionalism every day.
    We are aware of the need to continually improve, with the aim of guaranteeing the health and safety of our customers and workers.
    We pay particular attention to the environment, aware of the impact that our activity has on the land and on the community.
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