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    Gruppo Dimensione

    Gruppo Dimensione restarts safely

    Gruppo Dimensione has introduced since the beginning of the health emergency related to Covid19, risk containment procedures in all areas of activity.

    In fact, internal protocols have been introduced, drawn up by a Corporate task force consisting of the Prevention and Protection Service, the competent doctor and workers’ representatives, in compliance with national rules and national protocols shared with the social partners (on 14 March and then on 24 April) which provide specific procedures on the basis of which, all collaborators have been informed and sensitized.

    These measures serve to ensure greater security for internal staff and to reduce the risk of spreading the virus in a healthy, productive and constantly monitored environment.

    Among the main activities implemented:

    Providing masks for all workers and enforcement of their use, to all those who access the workplace.

    Provision of sanitizing gels for the hands and products for disinfection of the equipment, vehicles and surfaces of greatest contact.

    Intensified cleaning and sanitization activities, in all internal working environments and external construction sites, in collaboration with the contractors.

    Rules for cleaning, sanitizing and enjoying common services.

    Regulation for the control of staff and all externals access that includes, among other things, the control of body temperature.

    Rules for respect for social space.

    Gruppo Dimensione, has also decided to propose to all its collaborators, the carrying out of serological tests on a set basis, in order to increase the level of awareness and to draw a map of the contagion in the Company, in accordance with the current regulations.